Wholesale Wine Distributor of Fine Italian Wines to South Carolina
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Great Italian wine.
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CarolinaVino is a specialty wine distributor located in Greenville and covering the entire state of South Carolina.

All of us at CarolinaVino share a love of wine - Italian wine in particular. We expect each wine to exceed your expectations for quality and value.

As a distributor, we sell our wines only to licensed resellers. If you are not a reseller but would like to find some of the wines you see here, either contact us for availability details, or ask your retailer to carry it: send them to this website for details!

Wine is bottled poetry
Robert Louis Stevenson

CarolinaVino offers a wide range of wine products to South Carolina wine retaillers
House Wines
We provide good wines at lower cost that are perfect for house wines or “by the glass”. Choose standard winery labeling, or have your selections private labelled
Notable Wines
CarolinaVino provides a range of fine Italian wines from house wines and varietals up to Italy’s world-renowned standards.
Private Label Wines
CarolinaVino also specializes in providing Private Label Italian Wines – classical varietals produced in Italy and labeled with the name and logo of your company, restaurant or club – registered and legal for resale.
Event Wines
Label your wine for a specific event like a wedding or a conference. Make great takeaways for guests or attendees.

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